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The Activity Approval Form Mentions Health History Forms (Records)? Health History Records forms should be filled out and kept with the troop leader, or event coordinator. Whenever your troop has a Girl Scout event, including meetings, these forms should be accessible. For privacy the forms can be kept in a sealed envelope. Adults should also complete a Health History form.

Girl Health History (fillable pdf) in English and Spanish
Adult Health History (pdf) in English and Spanish

Additional Forms at SD Girl Scouts

Girls get the most out of a project when it’s Girl Led (girls shape their experiences by asking questions, offering ideas, and using their imaginations). When girls work together to choose an idea and develop a team plan, they engage in Cooperative Learning. Most important, when you help girls think about what they've experienced so they can apply what they've learned to other areas of their lives, they’re Learning by Doing. When you see how well girls can lead, you can relax and enjoy the process. Remember: It’s the journey, not the destination, that benefits girls the most.

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What Activities Should We Do? Let the girls suggest activities they are interested in. Another great resource is our monthly Leader Meetings where you can talk to other leaders and team members. Your Activity Consultant (AC) can also help you with questions and give suggestions.

I Know What We’d Like To Do…. Now What? Before you go, stop and check Checkpoints. Safety Activity Checkpoints are available for almost any event your troop is thinking of. You want to go swimming they have that. You want to go camping they have that too. How about surfing or rock climbing? Checkpoints are your How-To check list for activities.

Swimming, camping, archery and more, Girl Scouts love to try new things!New things for the girls may be new things for you the leader as well. Your sister scout leaders are here to support you through the fun. Below are a few frequently asked questions:

When Do We Need An Activity Approval Form? An Activity Approval Form is needed when specified by Safety Activity Checkpoints, also see the list of activities on the Activity Approval Form.  A quick reference is W.H.O. needs an Activity Approval Form. If you are going to be in Water, doing something that requires a Helmet, or going on an Overnight you need to fill out the Approval Form and submit it to your Activity Consultant (AC) for approval. Remember to always check Checkpoints and reference the Activity Approval Form.

Activity Approval Form

When Do We Need A Permission Form? A permission form is needed whenever girls do an activity outside their regular troop meetings. Permission forms need to be signed by the guardian of each girl participating. Even if the event does not require activity approval, a permission slip (blank, without parent signature) needs to be sent to your Activity Consultant (AC) so they can mark progression of the troop.
Permission Form (fillable pdf) in English and Spanish